Slop Musket Warped Tour Texas Dates!


Slop Musket Warped Tour Texas Dates!

Slop Musket Warped Tour Texas Dates!

We are proud to be invited to perform on the Bring It Back Tour side stage this year for the Texas dates of Vans Warped Tour! It’s been a dream of all of ours to perform at such a large event and we really look forward to networking with other independent artists that share our passion for creating good music with a message. If you plan on going this year come check out the Bring It Back Tour side stage and catch someĀ dapsĀ and high fives!

BringItBack Authentic Hiphop culture and community support & Reuniting The Elements!

To inspire future generations by cultivating local and nation artforms through positive creative platforms and unity and education.

Company Overview

Bring It Back Tour is a passion-driven collaborative tour that utilizes local business and community resources to engage artistic expression. We are designed to pull together prime circles of artisans, musicians, educators, and activists for the cause of inspiring our youth and peers with a multitude of positive creative outlets. The name “Bring It Back” is much more than a touring title and slogan; it’s what any movement represents. We bring fans of the hip hop community back to a grassroots connection with its ‘fourfather elements’– Breakdancing, Graffiti, Turntablism, and Emceeing–with the addition of live reggae, rock n’roll, visual arts, and charity work.

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June 1st, 2014

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