Crushkill Recordings Showcase SXSW 2015


Crushkill Recordings Showcase SXSW 2015

Crushkill Recordings Showcase SXSW 2015

We were fortunate enough to have the Crushkill Recordings family here in Austin Texas for SXSW 2015 and the event was amazing! The evening kicked off with Sammy Warmhands who had the crowd chanting “nobody gives a fuck” all the while with smiles on their faces! Seez Mics was next and controlled the mic with crisp delivery, a no gimmicks attitude and kept the momentum going for Minnesota word and beatsmith, Ecid. Ecid rapped with a sharp tongue over his own hypnotic, high energy production and definitely kept the crowd moving! We (Slop Musket) were graced with a fun responsive crowd and pulled our usual antics, rapped with passion while contorting our bodies until our veins were popping out the sides of our necks. The usual! Then the crowd was blessed to bear witness to rapping and beat box enigma Carnage The Executioner. If you haven’t seen his set you are surely missing out. He loops distorted and effected beatbox hits with his own custom pedal board and mic arrangement. The music is born right in front of you and then the amazing lyrical skills take over. This guy is your favorite rapper’s favorite rapper. No lie! The evening ended with Joey Alpha joining the stage with Carnage and the Slop Musket band as they played Eyedea’s Here For You to a packed house to wind down the evening. It was a blur and a blast. Positive vibes were in the building and Eyedea’s spirit was felt and we all hope we made him proud. Thank you to everyone who attended and to Crushkill Recordings for all of your support. r.eye.p.




March 24th, 2015

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