LAND EP Review by Chief and TheDoomsdayDevice


LAND EP Review by Chief and TheDoomsdayDevice

LAND EP Review by Chief and TheDoomsdayDevice

Land (EP) by Slop Musket

IN A WORD OR TWO :: moving, LOUD, growth, confident

THE GOOD :: Slop Musket is back with another EP, and everything about this is an improvement on a solid foundation.  The band is tighter and much more dynamic with a sense of adventure, anom and Joey Alpha are exploring the depths of both the content and presentation in their roles as MCs, and the production is much crisper and louder this time around.  No signs of a sophomore slump here.  Definitely looking forward to seeing if these guys can hold their own over the length of an LP.

THE BAD :: I hate to be a broken record, especially because I understand how time consuming and costly it can be to record a band, but I seriously want no less than 8-10 songs on the next release.  There’s nothing wrong with leaving the people wanting more, but these EPs are seriously teasing the possibilities of a full length, and I want to see it happen, damn-it.

THE UGLY :: Honestly, the only ugly here is the screwface you’ll be making as this album moves from track to track… This is one of the best follow-up projects I’ve heard, in terms of growth, in ages.

THE FINAL WORD :: Slop Musket chose a while back to carve their own lane, and make sure that nobody believes in them more than they believe in themselves.  This project is the sonic manifesto of that choice, and they nailed it.  The messages from this album are worthy of hearing, and they sound dynamite.


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January 26th, 2016

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