Joey Alpha – Vocals

Anom – Vocals

Chris Paulos – Bass

Jake Rabin – Drums

Marc Martell – Guitar

Slop Musket rose from the ashes of Austin hip hop infamy when local emcee Patrick Anom met El Paso lyricist Joey Alpha in 2012.  Veterans of the Austin hip hop scene, Anom and Alpha have been involved with local hip hop and rap for over a decade, performing solo and in various crews, including Mutual Trust and Brainbusters.  The duo debuted their first full-length album, Filthy by Association, in April 2013, supporting the release with multiple shows throughout Austin that summer and fall. While working on their second album, Slop Musket teamed up with guitarist Marc Martell, bassist Chris Paulos, and drummer Jake Rabin, giving rise to an explosive rock/metal/hip hop collaboration. Younger brother to Joey Alpha, Paulos has been playing in rock bands since he was 14, as has Rabin, who has collaborated with Paulos and Martell in various other projects.  Martell and Paulos, who have been playing music together for 5 years, had been involved with music production for both Slop Musket albums.  With an eclectic mix of talents and experience, the 5 musicians – who are also good friends- decided to combine their energy and love of performing, reincarnating Slop Musket as a live band in October 2013.


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